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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policy


24 hours before charter the decision on weather conditions and safety of the boat are at the sole discretion of the Skipper. If the weather is too rough to dive the preferred site then an alternative will be offered. 


If we cancel your trip due to technical problems or weather conditions we will reschedule you for another trip that suits you. Refunds will only be issued at the discretion of the Skipper where there may be no other option to rebook.


The Skipper reserves the right to change dive sites without notice, due to weather, safety, or suitability on the day.


Once the vessel has left port the dive will be considered to be taking place unless the skipper considers diving to be unsafe. Any missed dive once on board will not be refunded.


All divers must be medically fit to dive. 


All divers are highly recommended to obtain their personal diving insurance to cover any hyperbaric treatment if required our insurance is third-party liability insurance and doesn’t cover individual diver treatments and accident cover. 

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