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Binnendijk 28 m

The Dutch steamship Binnendijk (The Benny as she is known locally) set off from Boston under steam to New York during September 1939, she was bound for Rotterdam. On entry to the English Channel, she was requested by the Royal Navy to dock in Weymouth or Portland before crossing the channel for an inspection (there was suspicion of her carrying contraband). On the 7/10/1939 as she travelled up to Portland, the captain – W.Moree requested she drop anchor off the Shambles as the sun was setting. Around 10pm she struck a newly developed German magnetic mine (laid by the U-26). One of the first types used in combat. After striking she was soon ablaze and sinking slowly and literally went down in a blaze of glory, she was alight from stem to stern. She sunk on October 8th, 1939, three miles S.E. of the Shambles light.

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